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 Locally Raised Beef

Angus & Longhorn beef raised and fed in the fertile & Lush Washington State Orting Valley.  It is our mission to produce high-quality beef that consistently provides great taste & tenderness.   Black Angus & Longhorn privately farm raised on lush local grass and legumes, not grain-finished and no antibiotics or added hormones.  Grain Finished cattle are an option with early order on cattle shares.  All our beef are born, raised, and processed here in Pierce County. The foundation of our beef starts with Angus or Longhorn beef.  We strive for tender, lean beef from all our cattle, raised without additives that will be unhealthy for you and your family.

We provide the beef with a calm, and healthy lifestyle right here on JB Ranch.  They are finished on grass pastures in our rotational grazing system here on our ranch. We don't 'push' our cattle for rapid gains like dry lot, commercial feedlots do.  We allow each animal to develop at its own pace.  With our program, it takes a little longer to finish an animal, but it is a whole lot better for the environment and the health of the animal, not to mention the taste! 

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How It Works:

When cows reach around two years of age, our butchers visit the ranch to harvest the beef.  They transport the carcass to a local cut and wrap facility where it is weighed and hung for dry aging.  At this point, the butcher will call you and talk you through the exact cuts, package weights, and treatments you would like.   

The final price paid to JB Ranch is calculated from the hanging weight and includes the beef and harvest fee.  It does not include cut & wrap fees from the butcher, this will be paid directly to the butcher when you pick up your meat.

Quarter Beef - 150 to 230 lbs hanging weight at $5 per lb

Half Beef - 300-450 lbs hanging wt $4.75 per lb

Whole Beef - 600 to 800 lbs hanging wt $4.50 per lb. 


Reserve Your Beef:

Reserve your beef now for the 2024 harvest.  Your $150 deposit will hold your quarter, half or whole beef for the harvest.  This deposit will be applied to your final bill (determined by hanging weight from the butcher.)

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